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If you have never experienced winter as it certainly is, especially in Ontario, Canada and the Niagara region, you haven’t had a chance to deal with driving and handling a car in such snowy conditions. What you should know is that preparing your car for the winter is similar to your wardrobe change for the winter – in other words, your car needs a winter wardrobe and professional maintenance as a preparation for the cold weather.

How To Prepare Your Car For The Winter in the Niagara region

If you are asking yourself: ‘What should I do to prepare my car for the winter?’ and if you are residing in Ontario, Canada specifically in the Niagara region, the answer on how to prepare your car for the cold days breaks down in two categories:

  • regular car maintenance and
  • specialty items to deal with the inclement weather conditions

Now, as you may not know, the Niagara region is known for the cold climate, the windy days and the substantial amount of ice and snow during the winter. Therefore, preparing your car for the cold days demands safety but also you knowing that it will run at its optimum level.

The Most Important Steps To Prepare Your Car for the Winter in Ontario, Canada

Alright, let’s break it down to the most important steps for optimal car preparation in winter. Below are some of the best tips to kick off the preparation process:

  1. Battery and Charging System Check – Without a proper running battery, your car may leave you anywhere. With its battery and charging system drained, this may pose a risk to your health and safety as well, since we are talking about winter, the coldest time of the year. As you know, cold weather is a threat to our car batteries, so checking your battery and charging system is a priority thing you should do at your local car repair store in the Niagara region, Canada.
  2. Top-up your Antifreeze -Most of the car engines are water cooled and they simply need a regular flow of water so that they can function well and remove heat as they operate. In winter, the cooling system may freeze instantly – preventing water from flowing through and possibly overheating your engine. That is why you should check whether your anti-freeze levels are topped up, and if they are not – always top them up!
  3. Know When To Change Oil and Filters – Your car needs a change on its oil and filters every once in a while, as per the recommended mileage. If these levels aren’t checked and changed during the winter – the dirty oil running through your engine can cause trouble. Therefore, checking the fuel and the transmission filters are another must when preparing your car for the freezing winter in Ontario, Canada.
  4. Carry an Ice Scraper – Winter also means icy windshields and car windows. The cold mornings when you are running late for work can be tricky if you don’t have the best tool to remove ice quickly, and that is exactly why you should always carry an ice scraper or an ice melting liquid – making your glass clear in only a minute!
  5. Have Your Car Brakes Checked – The icy roads in the Niagara region and all around Ontario, Canada may cause extreme and life-threatening trouble especially if your brakes are not responding well. The car braking system is another one of the most important units to check when preparing your car for the winter.
  6. Check Your Lights, Both Exterior And Interior – In winter, we are victims to more hours spent in dark than in every other season, which is why the car lights are a priority. Checking your exterior headlights and interior car lights is therefore essential for the winter season.
  7. See if You Are Due For A Tune-Up – The cold days and winter in Ontario, Canada and the Niagara region are always tricky when it comes to pings, hard starts and sluggish performance. If you don’t want your car facing these problems, you should definitely check if your tune-up service is due. Also, you should have the exhaust system checked as well, preventing any carbon monoxide air leaks which are dangerous especially in the winter – coming from the fact that the car windows are always closed.
  8. Buy Winter Tires and Snow Chains – Driving your summer tires in winter is one of the biggest risks for both yourself and your car. The icy and winter roads in the Niagara region, Canada demand winter tires- but also snow chains in situations of heavy snowfall.
  9. Test Your Windshield Wipers – You certainly don’t want your windshield wipers to be frozen – especially not during a snowfall, when you can hardly see anything on the road. Checking their condition and purchasing a new pair of wipers if it’s needed is therefore extremely important for making it back home during the freezing days.
  10. Have A Blanket Stored In Your Car – When speaking about winter in Ontario, Canada and the Niagara region, you should be aware of the risk of accident and collisions on the road – and prepare for an extra hour or two on the road. You certainly don’t want to spend these hours freezing in the cold, so make sure your car also has an item for your personal health and safety  – a blanket that will keep you warm!


In the end, these 10 steps will ensure your car is prepared for the cold winter in the Niagara region, Ontario. Apart from your car’s safety, they directly impact your own safety – so you should always be prepared and drive carefully when it comes to the winter days.

Do not forget that your car’s health in winter is equally important as yours – and make sure you always have some extra bottles of oil, antifreeze etc. stored in your trunk so you and your car both spend the winter prepared!


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